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Southeast Utah

Southeast Utah Housing Options Info Session

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Southeast Utah housing market analysis! We provide a presentation (below) about the residential options available to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Topics such as neuro-inclusive design, service delivery models, enabling technology, and supportive amenities are discussed. The presentation includes videos and pictures of examples from around the country. We then gather feedback through a survey (next to the video below) about your needs and preferences with housing, given the knowledge you now have about what is available. This data is shared with local leaders and housing developers, and it is also shared in a published report. This process is a great way to learn more about housing and make your needs heard.


Follow these steps to participate and share your needs and preferences for residential options in Southeast Utah:

  1. Watch presentation.

  2. Take survey targeted to self-advocates -OR- the survey for family caregivers or other support people of an individual with A/I/DD:


  3. Send this website to friends so they can share too:    

(Length 1:10:54)

Southeast Utah Housing Options Info Session - Plain Language

The plain-language video is shorter and more direct. It is ideal for those with visual and focus support needs. Main concepts use less text and more visual supports. The visual guide can help you track what you like and don't like. This guide is also helpful for filling out the survey after the presentation.

  1. (Optional) Print Visual Guide, make sure you have a pen/pencil. Keep track of what you link and don't like by circling preferences in each section. This can help you remember what you want when you fill out the survey at the end.

  2. Watch plain language video.

  3. Take the survey:

(Length 32:59)
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